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Award winning afternoon DJ you can hear every day from 12pm to 4pm! NAME: They call me Island Boy FAVORITE FOODS: I would love to eat steaks, Lobster, Prime rib and Crab legs BUT...unfortunately I can't even afford to buy a happy meal on a good day so I settle for bread and water FAVORITE SONG: It's from this local singer that I saw playing at sunset on the beach, his name is Kona and I bought his cd "Changed", the song is called "Starting a life". This cd is a MUST HAVE... HOBBIES: Ummm...Yoga, Palaties, Meditation, Chess..WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING, I HATE EVERY ONE OF THOSE!! I play music, basketball, tennis, golf, surfing, football, WHATEVAS... IF I WROTE A BOOK ABOUT MY LIFE IT WOULD BE CALLED... : " How to spend tons of your hard earn money on chicks that don't know your last name " EDUCATION: I LOVE IT...MY TEACHERS WERE HOT! FAVORITE MOVIE: The best movie of all time is..." Titanic" starring...ummm...well.. lets see here...It'ssss...ummmmm...Oh trust me It's a good movie, ummm...... WHAT CELEBRITY DO I LOOK LIKE: Well, I don't wanna brag BUT...I was told from my mom that I look like Brad Pitt! NOW don't hate ok cause I KNOW MY MOM WOULD NEVER LIE TO ME... FAVORITE ACTRESS: My favorite actress would have to be "Drew Berrymore". I loved her in the movie "Legally Blonde" and "Tomb Raider", oohh also she did a great job in that action movie "The Incredibles" where she had to wear that tight red ourfit, I think she must have gained alot of weight for that role don't cha think? MY GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: My greatest achievement would definitely have to be the time when I was born and the doctor chose NOT TO CIRCUMSIZE ME...Thanks doc. , I needed all the help I could get!! FINAL WORDS: Bye...
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