Island Boy

Award winning afternoon DJ you can hear every day from 12pm to 4pm! NAME: They call me Island Boy FAVORITE FOODS: I would love to eat steaks, Lobster, Prime rib and Crab legs BUT.


NICKNAME: THE FIREMAN......Pretty much, whatever you get from me, its nothing but HOT! :P Chris Brown Piggy Banks FAVORITE SAYING: "Yeah Man, What it do baby.
Nickname(s): Romeo V, The Loverboy, or you can call me later tonight. Favorite Quote: "And remember, no matter where you go, there you are" Confucious Favorite Foods: Chicken.
B-Day: Test Tube Specimen #0072562 (Mar 32) Zodiac: $ Hometown: The Island of Rabbit, or what the locals call Rabbit Island.

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These are the jocks flexing the decks weekend nights.
Name: First name "Big"; Second name "John" B-Day: April Fools Day "Remember it is not wise to tease a Samoan!
Aliases: The Warlord, Joe Venom Ethnic background: Ilocano, French, Irish, Numunuu Age: Old enough to really know & young enough to go, go, go Astrological sign: Leo (Metal Boar) Hometown: Wahiawa (Koa Street) High School: Leilehua High School Favorite school subject: English & Science Dream career: Astronomer Favorite things to do in Hawaii: Fine women Favorite place to eat: Any of our CrossFade Disciples BBQ Favorite fruit: Pears Favorite music genre: I dig em all Dream vacation: South Pacific Bungalows or European Countryside Favorite shoe: My Running Shoes.
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Other Aliases: Mr. Bacon, DJ Slippas, DJ Bare Feet, Keep em coming Kev Ethnic background: Japanese and Chinese Age: old enough to vote, buy alcohol, tobacco and firearms Astrological sign: Pisces Hometown: Kalihi High School: Maryknoll, though they will deny I had ever gone there.
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Aliases: DJ LX Ethnic background: Native American Age: 27 Astrological sign: Scorpio Hometown: Kaunakakai, "Moloka'i" High School: Molokai High School Favorite school subject: Band Dream career: Being a DJ for an A-list artist like Snoop Dogg or somebody like that.
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