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NICKNAME: THE FIREMAN……Pretty much, whatever you get from me, its nothing but HOT! 😛 Chris Brown Piggy Banks
FAVORITE SAYING: “Yeah Man, What it do baby…”
FAVORITE FOODS: Macaroni and cheese and I can’t get enough of ORANGE JUICE!!!
FAVORITE MUSICAL ARTIST: Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Dipset, Jay Z, Kanye West, Pharrell, Bobby V, Usher, Chris Brown, 112, Ne-Yo, Pretty Ricky, Omarion, and Marques Houston
FAVORITE TV SHOW: ROB & BIG, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Run’s House, and Hogan Knows Best
FAVORITE MOVIES: You Got Served, Scarface, and Face Off
FAVORITE SPORTS: Football and Basketball
HOBBIES: Kickin’ it wit friends and playin’ video games (we call it jumpin’ on the “sticks”) FACEBOOK, TWITTER, OH and did I mention INSTAGRAM?
SOMETHING YOU DON”T KNOW ABOUT ME: I was an editor for my school magazine.
WHAT YOU USUALLY SEE ME ROCKIN’: LRG, Ed Hardy, BAPES, BBC, Air Force 1s premiums, Nike SBs OR DUNKS….. Basically a lot of jackets, hoodies etc….
WHAT CELEBRITY DO I LOOK LIKE: Ugh. My co-workers tease me about looking like Chris Brown.
FAVORITE ACTOR OR ACTRESS: Meagan Good, Halle Berry Al Pacino, Nicholas Cage, Jamie Foxx, Chris Tucker, Hugh Jackman
MY GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: October 2nd, 2006. The night I started The Micah Banks Nightshow!