B-Day: Test Tube Specimen #0072562 (Mar 32)
Zodiac: $
Hometown: The Island of Rabbit, or what the locals call Rabbit Island.
School Graduated From: What? You mean I had to grad???
Marital Status: Huh!
Hobbies: Popping ketchup packets in the dark.
Favorite Foods: Almost anything, as long as it’s not alive.
Pets: I don’t know…it ran away. But, if you see Special K, please call the station @ 296-1043. CAUTION! He foams at the mouth and butt…
Favorite Colors: Anything that’s loud and cool.
Favorite CD: Not only am I into CD’s, but also S&M, B&D and WD40
Favorite Clothes: Da kine dat fit!
Favorite Artists: I can’t draw for beans?
Favorite Actors: Da kine that leave their clothes ON!
Favorite Actress: Da kine that leave their clothes OFF!
Most interesting person you met: Saw myself in the mirror once and freaked.
Thoughts on the opposite sex: …Shootz den ouutzzzah!
Career Highlights: Wow! I get paid now.
Worst Guest Interview: ME. I was talking to myself one day, got into an argument with myself, got mad and yelled at ME!
Best Guest Interview: Oh…I dunno?? Nobody like talk to me.
Interesting or unusual facts: I have a lot of money, but I don’t know where’s it at…
Shout Outs: Just here 2 say howzit to all the Power 104.3 listeners out there & choke mahalos to everyone that call to say howzit. You guys are the bestest. Mad Aloha to all.