DJ LX Website

Aliases: DJ LX
Ethnic background: Native American
Age: 27
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Hometown: Kaunakakai, “Moloka’i”
High School: Molokai High School
Favorite school subject: Band
Dream career: Being a DJ for an A-list artist like Snoop Dogg or somebody like that.
Favorite things to do in Hawaii: Fish, Hunt, Hike
Favorite place to eat: Randy’s Catering (Wailuku – Maui) the best authentic Filipino Food
Favorite fruit: Avocado
Favorite music genre: Classical, Blues, Jazz (no joke for real)
Dream vacation: A vacation on the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Bahamas
Favorite shoe: My Air Jordan’s, although I’m beginning to like them new T-Leaf shoe/sandal my grandfather made for me…
What’s always in your DJ bag: Extra needles, Headphones, a couple of records just in case Serato acts up and in need of a re-boot, oh and some condoms…oh they’re not for me, sometimes when I’m DJing there are times when people ask for it…
DJ product you can’t live without: hmmm, my turntables of course
Any obsessions/addictions: blah!!
First DJ job: Mobile DJ
What do you like about DJ’ing: Everything…the challenge, (ya’ll know what I mean, sometimes it can be a little challenging) meeting new people, especially the ladies…lol Nah but seriously…to me it’s not just a hobby or a job anymore it’s pretty much a way of life for me…It’s like something I need to do…I must say though being able to rock a party anytime and anywhere is such a overwhelming feeling.
Your motto: Practice…Practice…Practice…Develop your own style and techniques…don’t try to sound like the other DJ!! Work Hard and have fun!!! Don’t try to be better than everybody else…because you can’t be, there’s always someone better than you…instead try to be better than yourself.
Hobbies: Besides DJing/remixing and women, I like MMA fighting, fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, traveling, poetry…
Last concert you went to: Bone Thugs and Harmony on Maui
Last book your read: The Tao of Jeet Kwondo by Bruce Lee
Who do you want to meet: Georges “Rush” St-Pierre, my favorite MMA Fighter