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Aliases: The Warlord, Joe Venom
Ethnic background: Ilocano, French, Irish, Numunuu
Age: Old enough to really know & young enough to go, go, go
Astrological sign: Leo (Metal Boar)
Hometown: Wahiawa (Koa Street)
High School: Leilehua High School
Favorite school subject: English & Science
Dream career: Astronomer
Favorite things to do in Hawaii: Fine women
Favorite place to eat: Any of our CrossFade Disciples BBQ
Favorite fruit: Pears Favorite music genre: I dig em all
Dream vacation: South Pacific Bungalows or European Countryside
Favorite shoe: My Running Shoes. LOL
What’s always in your DJ bag: PC Laptop, DJ software interface & timecoded vinyl, headphones, needles, external Hard Drive (I’m being generic on purpose. Sponsor me & I’ll mention you. LOL!)
DJ product you can’t live without: ME :oþ
Any obsessions/addictions: Fine women
First DJ job: Wheeler Army Airfield Teen dances when I was 13
What do you like about DJ’ing: Making people dance… and being good enough to make them stop dancing to watch how I do it.
Your motto: Imitation is suicide
Hobbies: DJing, Music Production &… FINE WOMEN
Last concert you went to: I honestly can’t remember
Last book you read: More Forbidden Knowledge
Who do you want to meet: YOU… Especially If you’re a fine woman