DJ Big John


Name: First name “Big”; Second name “John”
B-Day: April Fools Day “Remember it is not wise to tease a Samoan!”
Hometown: Waianae & Kapolei (WEST SIDE!!!)
Marital Status: SINGLE! (All my friends are Jealous cause I still living the Single No-Stress Life…)
PRIORITY: Causing trouble to Sistah Rinda
SECONDARY: Sleeping, Remixing & Renting Movies (Block Buster Makes money off me).
THIRDLY: Mentoring Mr. Goodvybe on the finer points of the opposite sex.
LASTLY: Surfing the net (is there any way to Kill Pop ups?), Play Station 2 (When get time), Go Movies (Whoa da Expensive now!), and Eating (if you didn’t notice I Love Food).
Favorite Foods: Palosami & Coconut Chicken (I’m Samoan – only now you know?)
Pets: Special K (Ladies – there is a reason this man needs to be on a leash.)
Favorite Colors: Sweet Brown – da kine that stay on the local beauties ;o)
Favorite Artists: The Katina’s, Mike Schultz, Steven Curtis Chapman, Kirk Franklin, Rachael Lampa, Mary Mary, Fred Hammond, Jaci Velasquesz, etc.
Favorite Music: Christian & Gospel are my most favorites and then comes R&B to Reggae, to old school to dance, to Island music to contemporary. Most interesting person you’ve met: Island boy, cause he so laid back. (Just need a cooler, bar b q and a guitar and it’s Over!) and Bruddah Sam from L.K.G. (No forget for hug him when you see him, he is all about the Aloha!)
Thoughts on the opposite sex: I cannot share my real thoughts cause I know my Mom is going to read this… ;o)
First Time I DJ’d: My friend Marshall Mole and I DJ’d for my cousin’s graduation party back in the day. We used an old house stereo, got a bunch of 45’s from tower records and rented some mobile DJ lights. I got to spin while my friend Marshall hooked up w/ the honeys (I don’t know who go the better end of the deal).
Number of years Mixing: (Clubs/Radio) Let’s just say I have been around for a long time. :o)
Bad or Traumatic Experience at an event: Picking up a needle while mixing in front a 1000+ people. I was so embarrassed that I froze while everybody just looked at me. I said “OOPS” and just started the song over again. Thank God they kept dancing :o)
Career Highlights: The first time I heard one of my mixes aired live on the radio. It was a dream of mine to mix on the radio since the first time I heard James Coles & Kutmaster Spaz lead the way. Doing my own mix shows for other stations. Having the opportunity to mix at Zanzabar, The Cellar, D&B’s, Maze, Blue Tropics, Volcano’s, etc
Interesting or unusual facts: Sistah Rinda punches HARD! She hits like a Samoan! So no make her mad…AND…Hype is a SEX MACHINE! (Gotta be – if not then why do all the girls who call the studio at all times of the day asking for him?)
Shouts Outs: First of all I’d like to send a special shout out to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – I would be nothing without Him. Thank you Jesus. Special thanks to my Mother for her love and support through out the years. She has been my inspiration and I love her for it.
Aloha to my Power Family: KC, Sistah Rinda, Island Boy, Krazy K, Cedric, Special K, Hype, Kawika Lee, James Coles, and the rest of my Cox Radio family, More Alohas to my Family, My Waikiki Trader Family (LeSportsac Rules!), Zanzabar, My Friends (Kelly Boy, Marshall, Fatu, Fa’a, Brett, Amanda, Chris Tom, etc.) To all the loyal Fans & Listeners, thank you for you support — I love you all. God Bless. If you want to hollar at your boy just e-mail me at: